Howlt's art ZINE produced by Risograph printing

Based on the concept of Howlt Coffee's hot dog menu, Howlt produces a zine of various fictional hot dogs in a book using Risograph printing. Risograph printing is a type of screen printing that is very popular among artists because it is easy to create an artistic atmosphere like silkscreen, can be produced in small lots, and is reasonably priced. For this project, we used six plates in six colors: black, yellow, aqua, pink, red, and green. In order to faithfully reproduce Howlt's colors, we collaborated with Before Breakfast, a London-based design studio that produces many stylish stationery products.

17 fantasy hot dogs in the unique Zine.

This very unique art zine has 17 kinds of unrealistic fantasy hot dogs sach as a classic hot dog, an super lagusualy hot dog like '' Louis Vuitton × Supreme '' bag, hot dog vehicle and islands made of hot dogs.

You can express a lot using Risograph printing overlapping colors.

In Riso printing, since one or two colors are printed a time, the texture of the color changes in the order of the overlapping, resulting in a printing gap unique to screen printing. Because of the printing method in which a hole is made in the plate itself and the ink is rubbed from there, when viewed closely, the expression is like a dot rubbed with ink from the hole. A Risograph with a retro-style expression that makes use of this texture is popular, but by adjusting the spacing between the holes in the screen, it is possible a wide range of expressions to use gradations and so on. This expression Its a digital printing but it feels like an analog printing. This is one of the special things of Risograph printing.

After printing all 32 pages with Risograph, each book is carefully bound with fluorescent yellow thread to complete. This hand-made Zine, which has a different texture for each book, is sold at Howlt's online store, Howlt Coffee Fukuoka Daimyo, as well as Daikanyama TSUTAYA and BOOKS BUNNY.


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