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Howlt Coffee started in 2017 as one of the art activities of the art brand Howlt, launched by Haruki Higashi, the representative of LOWORKS Inc who works on artwork such as NIKE, WWF, and Smirnoff. A fictitious coffee shop that first carries out full-fledged branding, sells goods at online stores, and aims to become a real store using its profits. It was an experimental project that looked for a new method to a successful brand, with a different starting point than the usual design flow. In 2018, a solo exhibition at UltraSuperNewGallery in Harajuku and then he did on holding a pop-up shop in Kyoto. Finaly a real store Howlt Coffee opened on the site of Fukuoka Daimyo Elementary School in Fukuoka. It is a graphical store with painted main graphics and silk-screen typography. In addition to delicious coffee and seasonal drinks using carefully selected beans, Howlt products and some artists' goods from around the world are sold at Howlt Coffee Fukuoka. We offer a unique coffee shop that combines art, design, and coffee culture.

Our Story

Howlt coffee borned as an experimental project based on branding precedence by Haruki Higashi, who is an artist and representitive of the art project Howlt. in 2017, It started with a fictional coffee shop aimed at realizing future stores. Even though there is no coffee or store, but we did perfectly branding such as creating the logo, typeface, official site based on C character of Coffee. Moreover develop products such as T-shirts and collaboration latte cups with espresso parts, then we sold them at our online store. This project was featured in various media, leading to a solo exhibition on Howlt Coffee at UltraSuperNewGallery in Jingumae in 2018. In addition to canvas works and Art zine etc, a coffee stand was set up during the Exhibition. The first time of us to offered coffee as Howlt coffee. The following March, a Howlt pop-up shop will be held at the bookstore Magazan Kyoto. During the same period, a second Howlt coffee was held as a pop-up coffee shop. After two years of activity, in 2019, we opened a real store on the site of Fukuoka Daimyo Elementary School together with Junji Murakami of Saino Co., Ltd., which is driving the startup scene in Fukuoka. his experimental projects are still ongoing in Fukuoka.





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Howlt Coffee where is in Daimyo Elementary School

Howlt Coffee is located on the 1st floor of the former Daimyo Elementary School, which has a great presence among department stores and restaurants in the center of Fukuoka.
The outside of the elementery school is the same of appearance of the school at the time. There is a sign of Howlt Coffee and painted "Relax Some One" on the wall of the school.
The inside of the school, the coffee stand, Howlt Coffee, has a striking graphic facing the corridor that retains the atmosphere of those days. Coffee and seasonal special drinks using carefully selected beans can be ordered from the outside window the school building or from the counter in the corridor. In addition to Howlt coffee, each classroom on the 1st floor of the former Daimyo Elementary School has a co-working space and bar (can be used as an eat-in space during the day) with free WIFI facilities, and drinks purchased with Howlt coffee Can be brought anywhere on the 1F common space.

The Howlt Coffee symbol is based on paint and coffee. The interior of the cafe is decorated with a variety of typography and paint using acrylic paints and silk screens. The white wall facing the corridor has colorful graphics to welcome guests, and the two walls in the classroom have graphics depicting a supper with coffee in the room. There is also a photo spot where you can place a drink on the wall and take a picture, so please use it.