Howlt Coffee that opened through a different flow from ordinary coffee shops is a Howlt produced coffee shop based on the concept of art and design.
It is located on the first floor of the former Daimyo Elementary School in Tenjin, the central district of Fukuoka.
In addition to carefully selected coffee beans and seasonal drinks, Howlt products and goods by artists selected from around the world are also sold at Howlt Coffee Fukuoka. Not stopping at just providing coffee, we are developing a unique coffee shop that fuses art, design and coffee culture.

Our Story

Howlt Coffee was started in 2017 as an experimental project by Haruki Higashi, the head of LOWORKS Inc, who has done artwork for NIKE, WWF, Smirnoff, etc., to find a new flow for the success of the brand with a different starting point from the usual design flow.
He created Howlt Coffee as a fictional coffee shop without coffee in the digital world in order to implement the path of full-scale branding of Howlt Coffee ahead of time, selling goods and other items through an online store, and using the proceeds to open a physical store.
Since then, the company's activities, including a solo exhibition at UltraSuperNewGallery in Harajuku and a pop-up coffee shop in Kyoto, have been highly acclaimed, and in May 2019, the actual store will open at the former site of Fukuoka Daimyo Elementary School.
Here is the story of Howlt Coffee so far.




Branding/Web/ Products

First, we created a logo and typeface based on the C of coffee, which would be the foundation of the branding, with the expectation that it would be incorporated into various media, and created an official website. Based on these, we developed various products such as T-shirts and latte cups in collaboration with Espresso Parts, and sold them online. This unique project, which was staged as if it were a real store, was introduced in various media.


NOV.2018 / TOKYO


Solo Exhibition / Popup CoffeeStand

In 2018, Haruki Higashi had a solo exhibition at UltraSuperNewGallery in Harajuku, Tokyo, featuring HowltCoffee. Reflecting the coffeehouse culture that is becoming more prevalent in Tokyo, the exhibition featured painted artworks, art zines, and animations using typography and iconography popular in boutique coffee shops. A pop-up coffee stand was set up in the exhibition space, and for the first time, coffee was served as Howlt Coffee.
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Mar.2019 / Kyoto


Exhibition / Popup CoffeeStand

Howlt pop-up store at Magasinn Kyoto, a bookstore where you can stay in Kyoto, in March 2019. During the same period, a 2nd time Howlt coffee was held as a pop-up coffee stand.


May.2019 / Fukuoka Daimyo


Real Coffee Shop

After about two years of activities as a fictional coffee shop, the long-awaited real store Howlt Coffee Fukuoka opened in May 2019 at the former site of Fukuoka Daimyo Elementary School. The experimental project to find a new design flow to make the brand successful is still ongoing as a real store.

Howlt Coffee where is in Daimyo Elementary School

Howlt Coffee is located on the first floor of the former Daimyo Elementary School, which has a large presence amidst the department stores and restaurants of Tenjin, Fukuoka's central business district. Facing the corridor that still retains the atmosphere of that time, you will be greeted by a conspicuous graphic. Howlt Coffee itself is a small coffee stand specializing in take-out, but each classroom on the first floor of the former Daimyo Elementary School houses a coworking space and a bar (which can be used as an eat-in space during lunchtime) with free WIFI facilities where you can eat and drink. Also coffee and other drinks can be ordered from the window outside the school building or from the counter in the hallway, and you can also relax on the terrace connected to the school building.
- Sign board of Howlt Coffee creation using silkscreen.
- Interior design of Howlt Coffee using silkscreen.

As a testament to our work on the theme of art and coffee, we created a new symbol using paint as a motif, and updated our typeface to match. The typeface has been updated to match.
One cup of coffee, one color. In fact, the two production processes are very similar.
What color and beans are blended, in what ratio, weather, temperature, humidity, what medium is used to paint and pour, and many other factors come together to create the color or coffee of the moment.
At Howlt Coffee, we define one color per menu item, and the label shows the color code for that color and the percentage of the acrylic color mixture to make.

The symbol of Howlt Coffee Fukuoka is based on the motif of paint and coffee, and the interior of the cafe is decorated with various typography and paintings using acrylic paints and silkscreens. There is also a photo spot on the wall where you can take a picture with your drink on it.

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