"Have a Something" series is now available in kids' sizes!

Peaceful heart character. A kid's version of the "Have a Something" series that changes the message and concept by holding something.

Two types of 100% organic cotton t-shirts that are both eco-friendly and kid-friendly.

Taking the motif of the tenant lease advertisement that became one of the symbols of the Pandemic, in which many companies withdrew or went bankrupt and many vacant rooms were created, we drew an advertisement that says, "We lease your smile for free! This is a peaceful piece of work that was created with the image of moving forward positively even in the face of the Pandemic.(Left photo)

The catchy graphic of the heart character transformed into the Pink Panther, America's iconic pink panther, is printed boldly on the back. A fun piece of street kid style. (Right photo)

Left Photo: $35.87


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