Sey Coffee is located in Bushwick, which is at the back of Williamsburg.

The renovated warehouse is a pleasant space with lots of sunlight, and the staff and regular customers can be seen chatting over the counter.

The coffee beans for sale are packaged in a simple design with a card inserted into the box. The coffee served is in compostable coffee cups. This is a very cozy coffee shop where you can see the care and attention to detail.

Located near Sey Coffee, FRIENDS NYC offers a unique selection of vintage goods, apparel, sundries, and art goods.

New York City has long been transformed into a hot area for artists moving to SOHO, Williamsburg, and other areas.
Bushwick is one of the most notable areas where many artists have set up their studios.
There are no tall buildings in this warehouse district, so the sky is wide open.
Perhaps because of this, the city has a relaxed atmosphere, more like the Abbot Kinney area of LA than New York.
The occasional dead rat found on the side of the road shows how New York is. At first, I was surprised to see such a scene, but after living here for a year, it became a common sight.

Bushwick is full of unique street art.
Dotted with stylish stores and cafes, this city with its bleak atmosphere has become an essential part of New York's art culture.


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