HC-Latte Cup W/ Saucer [Caffe Style] Black

The cup and saucer is collaborated From American coffee brand Espresso Parts and Howlt Coffee.
This popular cup design is praised by many San Francisco cafes.
With a simple and sophisticated C logo, resembling a coffee cup and a logo on the saucer. This calm and mature piece comes in black and white variations, along with a minimal packaging. 
This item is perfect for personal breaks and gifts to loved ones. 
Due to the product being produced in the US, there are purchasing cautions we ask you kindly to read. 


Black , White


Due to these items being produced by potter, porcelain or glass, they are fragile. Since it is unavoidable to ensure the quality of product via shipping, this item is non refundable. The product may differ slightly from the image shown on our site. We do hope our products are non-defective upon collection. Thank you for taking your time to read this caution. Enjoy!


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