At Soho Manhattan.

Billboard pasted on construction site.

The Popular Restaurant JACK’S WIFE FREDA in NY.
It opened Japan's first store at TOKYO Mizumachi where is a new famous place in Asakusa, Tokyo.

NYC does not allow us to eat indoors yet, so NYC has allowed us to put a eating space on the sidewalk.

Outdoor dining scene that symbolizes the summer of 2020.
New normal restaurant style.

We couldn'd decided easily because everything look delicious,
but we ordered a Rosewater Waffle and a ack’s Burger.

That's a luxurious and simple hamburger with only meat, tomatoes and onions.

Yogurt cream and berries on a waffl.
It fits perfectly on the summer terrace.

After all, the handling of New Yorker President Trump is very good.


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